Tel: +44 (0) 7933 373 707 / +233 (0)244 252424

Tel: +44 (0) 7933 373 707 / +233 (0)244 252424

Tel: +44 (0) 7933 373 707
+233 (0)244 252424

Jet airliner on the ramp
Jet airliner on the rampt
Jet airliner on the ramp

Warranty Recovery Solutions to Aviation

Aviation is a dynamic industry with thousands of aircraft and hundreds of thousands of aircraft parts being removed, repaired, overhauled, modified, tested and reinstalled around the clock. Cost of parts cost of defect rectification and cost of additional maintenance work incurred by airlines to comply with vendor/manufacturer engineering bulletins are high and make up a large percentage of expenditure for airlines, especially those based in Africa. Africa has relatively fewer test facilities and repair shops which implies fewer stocks and longer turn around times for repair of defective parts. Warranty recovery is therefore paramount to African airlines and it is important that the right expertise is put in place for an efficient and effective warranty solution.

There are massive challenges in tracking warranty claims, this stems from the numerous warranty providing manufacturers, the multiple types of warranty from each provider and in some cases, the different forms of warranty on the same part, ranging from engines, APUs and landing gears to BFE warranties. This makes it a very complicated and often time consuming effort for airlines to track millions of defect rectifications, SB compliance work, unscheduled part removals from multiple aircrafts.

Aviation Warranty Africa Limited can assist by studying diverse contractual warranty terms, analyzing maintenance data, reviewing thousands of warrantable parts per aircraft, tracking warranty claims at a part level to recovers repair costs whilst offsetting cost of unscheduled maintenance. Aviation Warranty Africa oversees the cost recovery of additional maintenance work incurred by airlines due to the compliance of a vendor/manufacturer engineering bulletin.

Working closely with our associates Aviation Warranty Solutions Limited we possess adequate knowledge, experience and expertise to offer a complete warranty solution.

Our policy is to recover money for you without cost to your operation.

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